A selection of testimonials for Gary Allegretto is provided below.

They are testaments of character as much as workshop feedback and teaching evaluations.

From Teachers

"Wonderful! The students were so excited. Several students (that Gary taught) are going to play the
harmonica in our annual Black History program here at Humes Middle School. Let's keep the blues alive!"

Ms. Alisa V Caldwell
Humes Preparatory Middle School, Memphis,TN

"It was a pleasure having you with us. The kids were very excited to learn about the blues. You really have
a way with them and I can tell that you love what you do. My best to you as you continue with your career
and work to educate our kids."

 Dru Davison, PhD.
 Hickory Ridge Middle School, Memphis, TN

"Gary was wonderful with our children. He was patient, funny and a great entertainer. The children were
delighted with their new harmonicas, fascinated by the music, and thrilled to be able to play along as he
taught them the songs. This was a great cultural and learning experience for everyone that attended and
the harmonicas are still being played today."

Judy Mitchell
Director, West Side Group, Los Angeles, CA

"Your generosity of spirit, talent and time was a tremendous gift to us. You really knew how to talk to the
kids and convey not only the knowledge you have about music, but also the passion for it.
Harmonikids is a perfect example of sharing of one's talents and resources
which we are trying to encourage in our
community... "

Susan Whittaker
Coordinator, The Learning Crew, North Hollywood, CA

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say how great your performance session was yesterday.  The kids
loved it.  You presented it in a simple, fun, and interesting way.  And, the kids picked up on playing the
harmonica right away.  We really learned a lot and it was great fun. Thanks again."

John Vance
Treadwell High School, Memphis, TN

"We loved your workshop! The kids were engaged, entertained, and educated by your presentation. They not only received a great deal of information on the harmonica and blues in general, but you made it relevant to the popular music they love so much. It's always beneficial for students to see working professional musicians and I can tell you they were blown away to hear you play. 

As a teacher, I also appreciate they way you handled classroom management. Students were encouraged to respect each other and the teacher. I also love what you said about harmonicas being used to only bring joy to those around us. 

I heard children playing their harmonicas on the way out to their buses at the end of the day. I know you piqued their curiosity and many of them will seek out more information on their own: thank you for encouraging them to do so!"

Lindsay Boggs, 

Music Specialist

Downtown Elementary School, Memphis



From Students

"The presentation reignited my interest in music. On Saturday I practiced for a couple of hours and learned
'When the Saints Go Marching In' without looking at the notes."

Nathalie Kalombo
"The presentation was Awesome! It was well put together and Gary really knew what he was doing."
Zac Miller
"It was really cool. Gary was a really good teacher and very skilled. It was great to have something new,
exciting and unexpected at school. It keeps things interesting."

Aron Picus
"It was inspirational. I had never heard the blues before. I learned how to play the songs on the sheet and
my friends say they sound good. (As a side note he is improvising and has taught himself to make his
harmonica sound like a train.) "

Tyler Broussard 

"For me, music is life, you can't live without music."

"I LOVED this!
Gary is a wonderful teacher who offers inspiring involvement to the world through his music."

Karen Tyler

About Gary's Workshops

"Gary Allegretto’s workshops were outstanding and I highly recommend him as a harmonica player/
performer, instructor to any other festival or event. Gary is a professional in every sense of the word, an
outstanding instructor, and a terrific person who is easy to work with. The workshops he taught for both
children and adults are still receiving rave reviews."

Elaine Weissman
Director of the CTMS Summer Solstice Folk Festival and Folk Alliance Founder, Calabasas, CA           
"On behalf of the staff and students here at the Stax Academy, I just wanted to say thank you so much for
coming yesterday to work with our students.  They were very excited about what they learned and we
look forward to working with you again in the future.  Thanks again!"

Jackie Peters
Operations Manager, Stax Music Academy, Memphis, TN
"The harmonica workshops Gary held at the Riverfront Blues Festival were a rousing success. We’re
anticipating that his workshops will draw an even larger audience next year. Thanks again."

Tina Betz
Director, Riverfront Blues Festival, Office of the Mayor, Wilmington, Delaware
"We appreciate Gary’s talent, hard work, flexibility, and dedication.  Both young and old attendees left his
invigorating workshops and performances with happy hearts. My personal favorite is having a child ask
me recently ‘when will the Bluesman come again?’ "

Cindy Cogbill
Outreach Director of Folk Alliance Conference, Memphis, TN    

"Gary is wonderful with the kids.  He has them playing the harmonica in five minutes. 
It's a beautiful thing to witness the kids 'when the lights come on.' "

Jennifer Weaver
Director, Houston Blues Society 

"Gary's "quick launch" teaching technique doesn't waste any time getting the students involved.  He
keeps the classroom captivated and leaves them enthused and challenged."

Linda Kirschbaum
former President and Treasurer, Houston Blues Society

"New Orleans with its rich musical heritage is a great venue for what (Gary) offers. His workshop, held at
our community center located directly next door to New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward in St. Bernard Parish
in the epicenter of devastation, was a joyful uplifting event. Judging from the excitement generated and
the expressions on the kids faces it left a very positive impression on the kids, some of whom will make
your workshop the first step in a musical career."

R.M. "Iray" Nabatoff
Executive Director, Community Center of St. Bernard, New Orleans, Louisiana

"On behalf of the Los Angeles Police Department's Jeopardy (gang prevention) Program, I would like to
thank you for sharing your talents with the youth in our program. They really enjoyed the time you spent
with them teaching them to play the harmonica. The benefits that come to our youth from
learning new skills are beyond measure. Music skills, in particular have always proven invaluable to those
fortunate enough to develop them."

Officer Gonzalo Lara
Los Angeles Police Department, Mission Area


About Gary's Humanitarian Work

"Gary is an incredible inspiration. He is an amazing player, performer, and humanitarian.
It is amazing to see a harmonica player give back and dedicate his music and love of music to special needs children.
There is nothing more valuable than bringing a smile to the face of a child, and Gary does that."

~Todd Slobin, Producer of 2010 KBA Award-winning film "Pocket Full Of Soul"

"I am heartily supportive of Harmonikids. We have seen the power of music in transforming young lives.
Gary Allegretto and his work is most worthy of support."

~Dan Aykroyd, House of Blues Foundation

"This morning your presence in the school with all the children makes me feel that Haiti will not perish,
Haiti has not died, and Haiti will live again...
After Jan 12th I was very sad, but this morning you make me feel that there is hope for Haiti and these children -
hope that their lives can become better."

~ Mr. Runner, Director of the Humaniste School

"Laughter and music are integral parts of the Haitian society, that we haven't been able to see since the earthquake...
Just to see how excited they were to be able to learn something,
to know that they can carry the music in their pockets, and what they now have ...
earthquakes can't take that away."

~Tamika Allen, Foreign Service Officer, USAID

"Music is so important to the culture here, and it is something that these kids will be able to take with them for the rest of their lives, so it's really a great gift that is given today....We're really grateful that we could witness the great work that Harmonikids is doing in partnership with the Restavek Foundation."
~Sonia Kim, US Embassy

"In our country, music is so important to us. People can have so many problems,
but as soon as they hear music, it brings joy to their lives."

~Sister Kitly, Immaculate Conception School

"It's very encouraging to see the kids laugh and have fun...
they feel so important that someone has come all the way from the USA to teach them how to play the harmonica, that's touching."

~Rosalyn Phillips, Restavek Foundation

“When Gary Allegretto takes command the children listen. The students provided a wonderful audience applauding with enthusiasm each song Gary performed. The joy for all of us was seeing the smiles on the children’s faces. Some were so excited that you could visibly see them shake. They embraced the harmonica with intensity learning to play the songs before it was time to say good-by.
Each student clutched their harmonica with protectiveness as they returned to class with bright smiling faces.
We understood only too well that the teachers would be in for a challenge the rest of the day trying to harness the excitement.”

~ Joan Conn, Director of the Restavek Foundation

About Gary's Work at Hospitals